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Urban Protection
Wegschranke mit Gegengewicht und Auflagestütze

Main support: steel construction, 70x70 mm square tube with base plate, 360x360x8 mm for ground anchors, incl. 4 bores Ø20 mm for bolt anchors, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated red
Supporting post: steel tube 70x70 mm with base plate 220x220x8 mm incl. 4 bores Ø20 mm for ground anchors
Barrier arm: thick-walled Ø80 mm aluminium tube with counter-weight, powder-coated with red reflecting stripes
Locking mechanism: at the post support, with pneumatic spring and fixed pole support
Total width: clear width + approx. 900 mm, height: approx. 950 mm above ground


Fold-down with profile cylinder lock, three keys, self-locking latch, for ground anchors, with lateral round tube brackets and continuous base plate, hot-dip galvanized with red reflective stripes, incl. mounting materials.

Anfahrtsichere Parkplatzsperre

Elastic under shear or impact force, hot-dip galvanized with red coating with white reflective reflective stripes.

Anfahrtsichere Parkplatzsperre
Fahrradständer - Segmentparker

Stable and space-saving due to alternating high/low position, also available as double-sided wheel setting.


In a very beautiful and functional design, also available for anchoring in hot-dip galvanized and hot-dip galvanised and coated DB703.


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