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Privacy and wind screen zaun-tex

In this video we introduce you to our privacy screen zaun-tex.

Privacy screen zaun-tex

Our new privacy screen zaun-tex is extremely robust and tear-resistant despite its lightness and flexibility. It has a textile look and feel and is available in green, anthracite and silver.

zaun-tex is made of woven synthetic monofilament (resembles a dense mesh fabric) and HDPE (high density polyethylene).  

Due to the material properties of HDPE, these privacy stripes can be made of thinner material than comparable products, making them lighter, more flexible and thus much easier to weave in. In addition, the material is airy - 15% wind and light permeable.
The material can easily be cut with simple household scissors and is then fixed with the clamping rails we also offer.

Sichtschutz zaun-tex

The light permeability allows for outlines to be easily recognized - comparable to dark frosted glass. The privacy screen is particularly suitable for a more open garden design, while still offering discretion.

The privacy screen zaun-tex is available on 70 m-rollers and can be ordered in great quantities.

Colour Length meter Width mm Surface m² Article N°

green(RAL6005) 70 190 13,3 ZBDZT706005
anthracite(RAL7016) 35 190 13,3 ZBD357016
anthracite(RAL7016) 35 190 13,3 ZBD357016

Please note: When used over a large area, wind force must be taken into account.
You should therefore ensure that all posts are set particularly stable. If in doubt, we recommend the advice of a structural engineer.

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