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This privacy protection strip made of polypropylene can easily be woven into existing and newly installed fence and gate systems. The BLICKDICHT poly pro stripes come in a matte finish and an embossed surface with a narrow relief, resulting in particularly high-quality esthetics. The material is robust, inherently stable and resistant to environmental influences. BLICKDICHT poly pro is an absolutely opaque privacy screen with a long service life, giving your property a significant visual enhancement.

The poly pro privacy screen is available in thee different colours: window grey, moss green and anthracite.

poly pro window grey

poly pro moss green

poly pro anthracite grey

polypro / 10 Stripes per role
Colour Length mm Width mm Surface m² Article N°

green(RAL6005) 2530 190 5,0 ZBDPP2525GRUE
anthracite(RAL7016) 2530 190 5,0 ZBDPP2525ANTH
grey 2530 190 5,0 ZBDPP2525GRAU
Technical Details:

Please note: When used over a large area, wind force must be taken into account.
You should therefore ensure that all posts are set particularly stable. If in doubt, we recommend the advice of a structural engineer.

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