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Privacy Screen |PP| polystripe

The |PP| polystripe privacy screen will last for a long time and offers a high-quality look thanks to its matte and grainy finish on both sides. This means no reflections from direct sunlight.

|pp| polystripe in use

|pp| polystripe in use

The |PP| polystripe privacy screen is versatile in terms of use and can be woven into mesh panels. In addition, it can also be used as a privacy screen for VARIO trend and VARIO compact wing gates.

|pp| polystripe during installation

|pp| polystripe during installation

|PP| polystripe relies on the material properties of polypropylene (PP). Available in 2530 mm long stripes, at a height of 191 mm and supplied as a handy roller with ten stripes, this privacy screen is a perfect fit for almost any mesh panel with a 200 mm mesh size. Thanks to its ingenious dispenser, |PP|polystripe can be processed quickly and easily.

  • made of durable polypropylene fabric
  • stripe length 2530 mm / height 191 mm
  • fits all mesh panels (mesh size 200 mm)
  • easy to use
  • available in the colors moss green, anthracite and light gray

This privacy screen is available in three different colours: moss green, anthracite and silver.

polystripe / 10 Stripes per role
Colour Length mm Width mm Surface m² Article N°

green(RAL6005) 2530 190 5,1 ZBDPS10L2540GRUE
anthracite(RAL7016) 2530 190 5,1 ZBDPS10L2540ANTH
light grey 2530 190 5,1 ZBDPS10L2540GRAU
Technical Details:

Please note: When used over a large area, wind force must be taken into account.
You should therefore ensure that all posts are set particularly stable. If in doubt, we recommend the advice of a structural engineer.

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