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Privacy Clamping Strip MAZUfix

In this video we proudly introduce you to our privacy clamping strip MAZUfix.

The patented MAZUfix privacy clamping strip has been designed as a wing gate attachment, to seamlessly close all gaps on 8/6/8 mm and 6/5/6 mm wire mesh fillings.

The MAZUfix privacy clamping strips can be easily cut to size and adapted for any internal frame height up to 2000 mm. Other advantages are: the strips can easily be added later and considerably improve the gate's look.

The MAZUfix clamping strips are easy and quick to install and can be adapted to many different gate heights. The system is compatible with 8 mm and 6 mm twin-wire mesh panels.

moss green

anthracite grey

window grey

 The MAZUfix privacy strips are available in three different colours (green/silver/athracite).

The MAZUfix clamping brackets are available for 8 mm and 6 mm wire diameters.

MAZUfix Sets
for fence diarmeter Colour Article N°
privacy strips
with clamping brackets
(4 strips + 10 clamping brackets)
6/5/6 mm green ZBDMAZU6S6005
anthracite ZBDMAZU6S7016
grey ZBDMAZU6S7040
8/6/8 mm green ZBDMAZU6S6005
anthracite ZBDMAZU6S7016
grey ZBDMAZU6S7040

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