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HPLP-Type Fence Post

Profile post HPLP-type, manufactured in-house for our decorative fence series Residenzen exklusiv, for use with LONDON and PARIS models. Available in various colours.

The HP-type fence post is made of special 70/40 tubular profiles and allows for all mounting points to be invisible from the front view.

The fence panels are inserted from above and secured against theft and vandalism with stainless steel brackets. The bespoke synthetic clamping wedges suppress noises potentially caused by movement and mechanical impact.

The HP fence post is suitable for all common twin wire panels, our decorative fence series "Residenzen", as well as our U-profile panels. The elegant HP post is particularly suitable in connection with our decorative fence series "Residenzen", thanks to its technically excellent profile. As a result, the esthetics apear homogeneous and the stainless steel mounting screws remain largely hidden.

For a hassle-free assembly, we recommend our special pliers as shown in the illustration.

Post Type HPLP RAL7016 / anthracite
Fence Height mm Length mm Article N°
808 1300 ZP13LPHPB7016
1008 1500 ZP15LPHPB7016

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