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Fence posts - Gabion Double Posts DO-Type 80x40 mm

The solution for sleek gabion fences!

The double post type DO 80/40 mm is simple an easy, both in application and assembly. Analogue to our standard fence posts, the DO posts come with the same tried and tested connections for wire mesh panels - solid brackets, stable rivets and safe M8 screws, made of stainless steel.

Compared to the double post type DO 120x80 mm, the fill-width is reduced from 12,5 cm to 9 cm. You will need considerably less filling material. Furthermore, the smaller footprint makes this gabion fence stand out by its elegant and sleek appearance.

Such a decorative and individual stone wall, blending nature and technology, does not only provide effective privacy protection, but also a very unique accent to every garden design.



Post Type DPSAA
Fence Height mm Length mm Article N°

830 1300 GDPSAA13
1030 1500 GDPSAA15
1230 1700 GDPSAA18
1430 2000 GDPSAA20
1630 2200 GDPSAA22
1830 2400 GDPSAA24
2030 2600 GDPSAA26
Post Type DPSAA RAL7016 / anthracite
830 1300 GDPSAA13B7016
1030 1500 GDPSAA15B7016
1230 1700 GDPSAA18B7016
1430 2000 GDPSAA20B7016
1630 2200 GDPSAA22B7016
1830 2400 GDPSAA24B7016
2030 2600 GDPSAA26B7016

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