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Corner Post Q-Type

Corner post 60/60/2 mm, heights from 1100 to 3000mm


  • Easy to use
  • Just one corner post for all directions
  • overarching post cap

This 60x60x2 mm corner post is a stable and universally usable solution for many fencing projects. The square profile makes special posts superfluous in most cases. Advantage for you: less storage space and less capital tied up! This post comes prefabricated with a bore pattern of 200 mm and be equipped with a foot plate as an option.

This post can be fitted with cover strips from our A and P-fix type series, as well as the mounting brackets from our PM (stainless steel clamps) and PMS ("butterfly" clamps) models. Accessories include innovative post caps with a protrusion made of either plastic or aluminum.



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