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The JUMBO Gabion - versatile and popular style element

The gabion baskets JUMBO are a very popular architectural style element and shine with their versatile designs and possible applications.
Basket heights and stone fillings can be combined individually.

The new model is characterized by its large standard dimensions. The basket is available in widths of 1016 mm (+/-5mm) or 2016 mm (+/- 5mm). As standard, it is produced in heights of 1008, 1208, 1408, 1608 and 1808 mm. The base material are single wires with wire thicknesses of 8 and 6 mm.

The use of single wires gives this new gabion a particularly elegant look. However, the most important feature that distinguishes the JUMBO model from other variants, is the factory delivery as a closed system. The basket is delivered to the customer completely welded as if from one piece.

When making gabions from twin-wire mesh, the internal horizontal wire must be interrupted at the corners. This is not necessary with the Jumbo model. deutsche zauntechnik hot-dip galvanises the gabion using the immersion bath method, thus maximising the life of the basket. The required stability is provided by spacers welded to the basket.

Depending on the project-specific requirements, this basket is also available with posts and base plates. Assembly is also very quick and easy thanks to the supplied accessories.
We are also happy to manufacture gabions in special sizes for you on request.


The basket is delivered fully welded, including two posts.
The JUMBO model is available hot-dip galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461.


The gabion baskets are supplied with already welded spacers.

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