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Attention: This product is only available in packaging units of 50

3D Mesh Panel

Product features

The 3D mesh panels owe their name to the three-dimensional profile of the wires. These panels are relatively light, with a wire diameter of only 5 mm, yet very robust due to the 3D profile.

The 3D mesh panels are available in the standard length of 2,5 m and a variety of heights. As standard, 3D mesh panels are available in a length of 2.5 m and in various heights.
For major projects we can also offer panels with a length of 3 m. Typical areas of application: solar farms, communal and private installations.

Advantage: less fence posts means less construction time!


Technical Drawing 3D Mesh Panel 2,50 m

Available Heights 3D Mesh Panels 2,50 m

Heights 3D Mesh Panels

Colour choice

Of course, all 3D mesh panels are hot-dip galvanized for optimum corrosion protection.
In addition to the galvanized look, we also offer polymer powder coating as standard, available in the RAL colours moss green (RAL 6005) and anthracite grey (RAL 7016).

You also have the option of applying any RAL colour of your choice. Price and delivery time on request. Please contact us - we're happy to help!

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