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Residenzen Exklusiv
Residenzen Exklusiv

The LONDON and PARIS models are characterized by their unique and extraordinary craftsmanship. The wires are twisted first, then welded together. By twisting the 8 mm wires, they reach similar strength than 2 mm thicker wires.


Diamond- and circle-shaped ornaments are incorporated into the upper segment of our decorative fence line Residenzen "Exklusiv" PARIS andLONDON. Every other wire reaches halfway up and decorative elements are welded on in addition to the ornaments. Rounding up the design are, arrow tips for the PARIS model and spheres for the LONDON model. Both are hot-dip galvanized by default, are available in two heights (808 and 1008 mm) and come in three different colours (RAL 7016 by default, Rust and Iron Mica on-demand)


This line of products closes the gap between classic decorative and forged fences, aiming to blend unique and modern design with a classic touch. The HPLP fence posts, together with their innovative and bespoke connection system, were specifically designed to make screws and brackets invisible, allowing for a very homogeneous and elegant appearance.



Residenzen Exklusiv

This new line of decorative fences is exclusively available to our customers and can be distributed by fence builders and wholesalers.

Also possible: An exclusive regional sales partnership with AOS STAHL GmbH, including territorial protection.

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