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Fence Connectors
Rivetless Bracket Kit

Rivetless Bracket Kit incl. V2A screw, in various colourways

Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket for gate, corner and fence posts, various colourways

Cover Strip

Cover Strip 40x4mm, galvanized / galvanized and powder-coated, lengths from 0,63 m to 2,43 m in 200 mm steps

Mounting Plates

Mounting plates, galvanized, to clamp fence panels on mounting brackets

Angled Connector

Angled connector / wall mount, galvanized / galvanized and powder-coated

Mesh Panel Connector, flat

Mesh Panel Connector, flat, incl. screw, galvanized / galvanized and powder-coated

Mesh Panel Connector, U-shaped

Mesh Panel Connector, U-shaped, 2 pieces, galvanized / galvanized and powder-coated

Blind Rivet Nut

Blind rivet nut, diam. 11 mm, screw M8 x 40/5,5mm Allen and one-way

Corner Connector

Corner connector, flat, galvanized or powder-coated

Hook Screw

Hook scre, stainless steel, M8 incl. V2A nut, lengths: 60 mm / 110 mm

U-Bracket for Rectangular Posts

U-bracket for rectangular posts, 60 mm (set)

U-Bracket for Round Posts

U-brackets for round posts, 50 mm / 60 mm (set)

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